Psoriasis Treatment in Gadsden

Psoriasis is the name for a chronic autoimmune disorder characterized by silvery scales or inflamed, red skin. There are five common forms of psoriasis:


·    Plaque or Discoid Psoriasis – This is the most common of the five main types of psoriasis. Sufferers usually develop raised, red skin in patches covered by silvery-white dead skin. These may appear on legs and knees, arms and elbows, and the scalp.

·    Guttate Psoriasis – Most typical in children, this type of psoriasis presents as small, pinkish-red spots. A strep infection can bring it on.

·    Inverse, Flexural, or Intertriginous Psoriasis – Smooth, shiny lesions in body folds (such as under the arms, behind knees, or the groin) could be a sign of this type of psoriasis.

·    Pustular Psoriasis – This form of psoriasis forms pus-filled blisters on the palms of the hands and soles of the feet. Each blister can be surrounded by reddish skin.

·    Erythrodermic or Exfoliative Psoriasis – This is a relatively rare form of psoriasis characterized by a painful, very itchy, widespread rash. Skin is likely to become extremely red and peel off in large pieces. 


To determine whether or not you are experiencing psoriasis, our team at Dermatology Specialists in Gadsden will take a small sample of your skin for microscopic examination. This will help us rule out other disorders, identify if you have psoriasis, and also which type. With an accurate identification, we can then examine the potential triggers in your life and consider an effective treatment plan to provide you with both immediate and longer-term relief. 

What Causes Psoriasis?


Cases of psoriasis equally afflict men and women. In both sexes, it usually occurs between the ages of 15 and 35 or between 50 and 69. It has to do with a malfunction of the immune system that causes unusually fast skin growth. If someone else in your family has psoriasis, the chances that you will have it too increase.


Various triggers may set off an episode that worsens psoriasis. These include:


·    Strep throat

·    Medication

·    Sunburn

·    Dry weather

·    Cold weather

·    A respiratory infection, bronchitis, or earache

·    A scratch or cut

·    Stress


Treatment for Psoriasis at our Gadsden Location


Psoriasis can cause severe discomfort, including intense itching, bleeding skin, shedding skin, and irritation in various body areas, particularly on the feet, knees, hands and nails, elbows, lower back, and genitals. If you suspect that you have psoriasis or have already received a diagnosis, seek treatment as soon as possible. While we cannot cure psoriasis at Dermatology Specialists, effective psoriasis treatment in Gadsden is possible to ease the symptoms and discomfort. 


Together, we can help you learn how to avoid the top triggers leading to a worsening of psoriasis symptoms. This may involve a review of your medications as well as some exploration of your activities and your daily routine. 

Dermatology Specialists Psoriasis Treatment Options in Gadsden


Moisturizing Ointments and Creams – We may recommend creams that will ease skin irritation. Where steroid creams are too irritating, we can recommend other creams that will nonetheless provide relief. Some creams can also slow skin growth, remove scales, or make skin smoother. 


Sun Exposure – Applied in a systematic and controlled way, regular, periodic exposure to sunlight can improve psoriasis. An expert should help you develop treatment for psoriasis that includes natural light or sun exposure to ensure that it is safe. 


Steroid and Anti-Inflammatory Medication – These work by reducing inflammation and can effectively treat psoriasis in most areas of the body. It will also slow the production of skin cells and can reduce the itching. Our psoriasis treatment experts in Gadsden can determine the strength required according to the severity of the psoriasis, among other factors. 


Immunosuppressants and Drugs that Inhibit Skin Cell Growth – Many drugs exist that can help psoriasis. It is important to determine exactly what type of psoriasis you have, if it is indeed psoriasis, and then our Gadsden psoriasis treatment experts can formulate an effective approach based on other physiological and environmental factors. 


Where psoriasis occurs on the scalp, using specially formulated shampoo can help. Our Gadsden scalp psoriasis treatment can include the use of Salicylic acid shampoos and scalp solutions, which can reduce scaling. These products may also help other medications penetrate the skin more easily so that scalp psoriasis treatment becomes more effective. 

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Please do not suffer from psoriasis in silence. Our Gadsden psoriasis treatment options at Dermatology Specialists can provide you with fast and effective relief. While we cannot cure psoriasis, we can make life much more comfortable and might be able to prevent some future occurrences. Contact us today and set up an appointment.