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Virtual Appointments Are Now Available

We are now offering virtual appointments with your smart phone or computer with a camera.
Find Out How

Checking for and Preventing Skin Cancer
Each year in the U.S. over 5.4 million cases of nonmelanoma skin cancer are treated in more than 3.3 million people.

Botox, Dysport and Dermal Fillers:
Find out how we’re using these treatments to help our patients do everything from treating acne and eliminating unwanted lines to filling in facial depressions and scarring.

Hair Transplant and Restoration
Unless you’re one of the lucky few, the odds are most of us will experience some thinning or baldness at some point in our lives. That’s why we created The Hair Transplant and Restoration Center. LEARN MORE >

Share Your Most Recent Patient Experience With Us

Providing outstanding patient care means more to us than practicing good medicine. It involves listening to our patients and continuing to improve so that every experience is a positive one. That’s why we’ve created two ways you can provide feedback after each visit. Complete our Patient Experience Survey online, or ask for the printed version at the time of your visit, then drop it in our collection box.

Thank you for trusting Dermatology Specialists with your care and for taking the time to help us improve your patient experience.

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