Brandi Hackler

Radiation Therapist

Brandi earned her degree as a Radiation Therapist in 2005. Throughout her career journey, Brandi has continuously sought opportunities for growth and development in the field of radiation therapy. From serving as a clinical student supervisor to providing training and support, her dedication to advancing oncology care remains unwavering. Even during her duration on the corporate side, where she was involved in selling auto-contouring software, Brandi’s heart has always been with the patients, aiming to brighten their days during their oncology journey.

Brandi is from South Mississippi, where she is a devoted mother to two energetic young boys, her greatest source of pride and joy. Their lively activities, from constructing Hot Wheel tracks to building forts, exploring the outdoors, and managing busy ball schedules, guarantee that their lives are filled with excitement and never a dull moment.