Superficial Radiation Thereapy Is Revolutionizing Skin Cancer Treatment In A Dermatological Setting

Now Available at Dermatology Specialists of Florida

Panama City, FL – Dermatology Specialists of Florida is now offering Superficial Radiation Therapy (SRT) as a treatment option for patients with non-melanoma skin cancer.  This advanced technology is offered in less than 1% of dermatology clinics and has a 95%+ cure rate for non-melanoma skin cancer. There are four million new cases of basal cell carcinoma and squamous cell carcinoma diagnosed in the United States each year. Patients have grown weary of ongoing surgical interventions, are becoming well educated about options, and are seeking out non-invasive solutions. SRT is an excellent alternative treatment method to surgery and treatments are well tolerated by patients because there is no pain and no scarring.  Unlike traditional radiation, SRT uses low energy radiotherapy so skin reactions are typically mild and very small.  Treatments on the SkinCure SRT-100 Vision are completed in as little as one month over 20 fractions – over 40% fewer treatments than in cancer centers!


Skin cancer is the leading form of cancer in the United States and we are happy to offer our patients options when it comes to their treatment. The SRT procedure takes just minutes in our office and offers the same cure rates as surgical treatments, destroying skin cancer without any collateral damage to healthy skin cells. It is ideal for patients with health risks that prevent them from undergoing surgical treatment, or patients who wish to avoid the pain and scarring associated with surgery.

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