Performance. Quality. Cost Efficiency.

These three key indicators are what every medical practice aspires to deliver on when it comes to providing an exceptional patient experience. Individually, each aspect takes care and thought to achieve, day in and day out. But, when taken together, the weight of delivering on all three of these key indicators is greatly multiplied and no small feat.  This is especially true when it comes to the stringent standards CMS (Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services) uses to measure the delivery of each of these important aspects in our practice.

“Our ability to deliver on all three of these measurement standards is truly what sets us apart in the region.  It’s the commitment to our patients that comes from our entire team that ultimately enabled us to receive CMS’s VBM award. The distinction of being in the top 1% of group medical practices in the nation, when it comes to providing quality health care services, is a great honor. It’s an achievement that carries with it the responsibility of continuing to deliver on it every day – to be better for our patients,” says Dr. Jon Ward.



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